Frontal view in evening light of the Hannover Old Townhall
Event | 23. March 2023


Thursday, 23. March 2023, 19:30


The German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) is organizing a Parliamentary Evening in Hannover on March 23, 2023 for members of the Lower Saxony State Parliament as well as representatives of ministries and federal enterprises, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to gain an insight into its activities.

In this event of science and politics the parliamentarians can raise their own questions. The focus is on the conflict between protection and use of marine areas with a particular emphasis on energy supply and coastal and nature conservation.


  • Keynote: Action knowledge for biodiversity change using the example of a DAM research mission (Helmut Hillebrand, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Sea at the University of Oldenburg).
  • Panel discussion: Conflicts between protection and use in the North Sea – energy supply, coastal protection and nature conservation
  • Get-Together with Flying Buffet

Participation by invitation.

*Event is held in German

Photo: Christian A. Schröder

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