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Using Knowledge Effectively for Politics, Business and Society

The transfer of scientific findings to politics, business and society with a view to strengthen the sustainable use of coasts, seas and oceans is a core element of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM).

The DAM pools the expertise of the German marine research community, ensures a goal- and needs-oriented exchange of knowledge and fosters the dialogue with politics and society. The DAM also develops and coordinates solution-oriented research missions in which science-based decision-making options are developed. The DAM’s research missions are intended to facilitate research and development in close cooperation with the business world.

Experimenting in the ocean
Experimenting in the ocean | ©Michael Sswat | GEOMAR

fields of action

Scientific findings have an impact on society when they lead to innovation, new developments, decision-making or a growth in knowledge outside the research community. Four fields of action can be distinguished for knowledge transfer in the DAM.

Ocean map with interaction points
Ocean map with interaction points | DLR


The interactive World Ocean is a touchscreen-based ocean map for schools and exhibitions. The World Ocean invites visitors to discover the diversity of the oceans, immerse themselves in different marine regions and understand the interrelationships between them.

Homepage Ocean Online
Homepage Ocean Online | DAM


The digital information portal “Ocean Online” offers science-based information for anyone interested in coasts, seas and oceans and who wants to find out more about shaping a sustainable future for our seas.

Fact Sheet Munition in the Seas
Fact Sheet Munition in the Seas | DAM

Fact Sheets

DAM publishes fact sheets on the scientific status of current marine issues. The fact sheet “Munition in the Seas” provides an overview of munition dumps in the North Sea and Baltic Sea: . The Gesellschaft für Maritime Technik (GMT) has published an overview of the “Value creation perspectives for the German marine technology industry” on the same topic.


Life in the sea
Life in the sea | Dirk Schories


Healthy seas that are protected and used sustainably are of central interest to society as a whole. The DAM is working on this together with stakeholders from politics and society, such as the Federal Government / Federal States Working Group on the North Sea and Baltic Sea (BLANO), which is responsible for implementing the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The aim is to achieve a good state of the marine environment.

Transfer als Onlineformat: Projektwebseite des Ocean Future Labs
Project website of the Ocean Future Lab | OFL

Ocean future Lab

For the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s “Science Year 2022 – Inquiry!”, DAM has joined forces with the German Oceanographic Museum, the German Maritime Museum, the Institute for Art and Innovation and Futurium Berlin to develop the Ocean Future Lab, a series of co-creative workshops in which citizens, young scientists and artists jointly design futures for life with the oceans.

Homepage Ocean Decade
Homepage Ocean Decade | IOC

UN Ocean Decade

The United Nations has proclaimed the years 2021 to 2030 as the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Policy makers, society and scientists are to work together to successfully implement sustainable development goals for “life under water”.  All the DAM’s transfer activities are also in the context of the UN Ocean Decade.

Weiß-roter Leuchtturm vor Kreidefelsen im Wasser
Krystof Zajicek | Unsplash

promotion of Young Talents

German marine research offers a wide range of formats to promote young scientists at the locations of the DAM member institutions. An overview summarizes the current offers for pupils, students, doctoral candidates and postdocs.

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz 2023 Gruppenfoto
BWKI 2023 | BWKI / Ale Zea

“Bundeswettbewerb KI”

The DAM is participating in the “Bundeswettbewerb für Künstliche Intelligenz (BWKI)” for school students with a special prize in the “Environment and Sustainability” category. The aim is to promote AI projects that deal with ecological and social issues for sustainable development.


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