Infrastrukturen: A black smoker is examined by a research instrument

Coordination of the infrastructures

Exploring coasts, seas and oceans

German marine research has unique research infrastructures, including research vessels and research stations, aircraft, observatories and underwater vehicles. In order to allow this infrastructure to be used efficiently, DAM coordinates the use of the existing large-scale facilities, with the exception of the research vessels, and develops overarching concepts for their utilisation and operation. Operating the infrastructure facilities remains the task of the institutions.



Marine Reaearch Infrastructures: A submersible vehicle is lowered into the water by the research vessel Meteor
Submersibles for various applications are launched from research vessels. | Picture: MARUM, University of Bremen
Marine Reaearch Infrastructures: The scientific diving robot ROV KIEL 6000 of GEOMAR is lowered into the sea from a research vessel
Special systems for scientific missions in the deep sea are remotely controlled via fiber optic cable. | Picture: GEOMAR
Marine Reaearch Infrastructures: A large wave spills over the side of a research vessel
Working close to the elements | Picture: MARUM, University of Bremen
Marine Reaearch Infrastructures: The manned research submersible JAGO underwater in the sea
Manned dive boats open the direct view into the underwater world. | Picture: GEOMAR


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