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DataXplorers Hackathon – Come aboard!

Registration for NFDI's DataXplorers Hackathon is open until October 1st.

The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) consortia NFDI4Biodiversity, NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Microbiota invite you to a Hackthon, a hands-on event that is all about working on and with data. The NFDI aims to systematically index data from science and research and to secure its long-term accessibility. The DataXplorer Hackathon is aimed at scientists from earth system sciences, biodiversity and microbiology research, as well as those interested in computer science or design – at any level of experience. Registration is open until October 1.

The DataXplorers Hackathon will start with an online kick-off event on October 23, 2023. Depending on their interests, participants can choose from six different challenges: Among the challenges are programming chat bots that answer questions on research data management or data cubes that combine climate and biodiversity data. The projects are worked on in small groups of no more than five people, accompanied by professionals. The DataXplorers Hackathon is organised remotely. There are several weeks to work on the tasks until the results are presented on December 5 and 6, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main. It is possible to participate in the final event both in person and online.

Registration until October 1

To participate in a Challenge and at the event in Frankfurt, registration until Oktober 1st is required. Interested parties who are not working on a Challenge themselves are also invited to the kick-off event and the final event in Frankfurt. Detailed information about the hackathon and challenge descriptions can be found on the DataXplorers homepage. Registration forms can be found on the website and here.

The aim of the NFDI is to systematically catalogue data from science and research and make it accessible. For DAM, NFDI is an important partner in the field of Digitalisation.

Header photo: Mathew Schwartz

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