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Future Box Oceans available again

The educational materials from Futurium and DAM provide a playful look at a sustainable future with the oceans / Workshops to try out starting in summer

How do we want to live with the oceans? How can we deal with the seas, coasts and oceans in a sustainable way that protects our natural resources? Addressing these and other questions, the “Future Box Oceans” from Futurium and DAM provides a playful look into our future with coasts, seas and oceans. The interactive educational box can now be ordered again as a printed version for use in schools and can also be tried out live in various workshops as of June. The Card Set and the Workshops are in German only.

The Future Box Oceans makes it possible to develop desirable future scenarios for our life from and with the oceans using various question cards in a workshop format. The card sets are designed for schools of all types from grade 7 upwards, but are also suitable for adult education formats. The aim is to get participants excited about the oceans and encourage them to think and discuss possible visions for the future. Teachers shall be supported in anchoring future-relevant methods and content on the topic in their lessons in the long term.

A Future Box Oceans contains a total of five different sets of cards as well as methodical instructions for creating future scenarios. The materials are based on methods of futurology, education for sustainable development and design thinking. Since the end of 2023, the Future Box Oceans has been registered as an official activity of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Order / Download

The printed version of the card set and instructions in a solid box is available free of charge from the German Marine Research Alliance on request by e-mail to

The Future Box Oceans can also be downloaded as a print template from the following websites:

Workshops for trying out (in German)

Three workshop dates are planned at Futurium to experience and test the Future Box Oceans live:

Further information and registration via the linked dates.

Background information

The German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) brings together 24 leading German marine research institutions and cooperates with strategic partners to strengthen the sustainable management of coasts, seas and the ocean. It is funded by the federal government and the northern German states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.

The Futurium is the house of futures. Everything here revolves around the question: How do we want to live? Visitors can discover many possible futures in the exhibition, discuss them together in the forum and try out their own ideas in the Futurium Lab. We know this even today: We will have to overcome major challenges in the future. The Futurium, which opened in September 2019, would therefore like to encourage all visitors to engage with the future and help shape it.


Dr. Ute Wilhelmsen
German Marine Research Alliance
Head of Core Area Transfer
Phone: +49 (0)30 235 96 27 0

Dr. Christian Engelbrecht
Futurium gGmbH
Education and outreach
Phone: +49 (0)30 40 818 97 0



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